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Along the way, he tells you to “Sniff it!”

Don’t forget him from my other posts, links next.



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I guess that hangin’ shirtless with your buds  in your shared dirty dorm room and ripping stanky farts to entertain them beats having to clean up the mess and god forbid, actually study.

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Bi-sexual buddy shows off and talks you through his ritual of farting to achieve the status of “Stained and Proud” in his briefs. Included is the demonstration of his “Lamp of Shame” on which the two of you hang your most prized accomplishments.

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This was popular on my now-defunct “sniffmyanus” tumblr. a few years back, so I’m re-posting here.

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This appears to be another one of those German television shows in which the contestant must guess the source of the stench. When the bell sounds, he’s got it! (At least he doesn’t over react like the other dude in this next video — click on the link below)


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This is what guys do for fun.

Check out my original posting of another dude (click on link next) with glasses passing gasses.


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QuestionCould you Please Please tell me where to find the original page of the three felching fag video you posted not too long ago?? Awesome tumblr I'd greatly appreciate it. Answer

Hey man, glad you like the blog, which was originally “SniffMyAnus” until tumblr. deleted it in late 2012.  That video was originally posted there in and came from my hard drive, where I have been copying videos since 2009.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where I found it back then, but a good bet would be to search under the “bareback” and “group sex” categories within MachoMoe.COM.


All the time!!

In my face as I&#8217;m fuckin&#8217; ass!


All the time!!

In my face as I’m fuckin’ ass!

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Every guy is his own stink factory.  This dude walks us through the smell of his ass as he sniffs his stinking finger, going from descriptions of “musky asshair” to “smells a little dirty” to “smells ripe” to “smells good.”  I was feeling a bit limp-dicked today, but watching this man play in his stinkhole and sniff himself while talkin’ about the smells put the bone immediately back into my meat.


otterify horny as hell

He can odorize my bed with the smell of his hairy cock, balls and moist shithole anytime.

  1. Camera: iPhone 5
  2. Aperture: f/2.4
  3. Exposure: 1/15th
  4. Focal Length: 2mm

One more for you:

Sure man, get your nose into the hole, rub it around, and inhale the sweet musky funk into your lungs. Exist on its fumes.


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Around the age of 10, I started noticing the hairy pits older males sported. Pits were my first mansmell obsession.